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Below are some of the most common questions we receive from our Sellers.

Seller's FAQs

1. Why do you sell so many homes?

Besides experience, local knowledge & hard work. I flat out out-market my competition.

Another very simple but ingrained reason: My goal is your goal! Or I don’t get paid. And my family won’t care for that.

I know you have choices so My Mission: Sell Your Home FAST! Make You More Money! Save You a ton of Money In the Process! Check out my 88+ reviews from satisfied buyers, sellers & investors. Click here.

2. How much is your commission?

It’s Negotiable. Definitely not the industry standard 3%. I know you will like what I offer. Especially my aggressive rebate program. Let’s set up a time to chat.

3. How much is my home worth?

Bottom Line: What a buyer is willing to pay for it. Experience in your neighborhood is critical. We take into account your unique neighborhood, the condition of your home with relation to other homes, real-world market fluctuations, and so much more. Want a customized analysis specific to your home! Get started by filling out the form on this page.

4. How long will it take to sell my home?

Great question! It depends on the realtor & price. An experienced agent knows firsthand the true market value (not inflated to get the listing); timing variations and buyer’s ever-changing hot-buttons & turn-offs. We have a unique & comprehensive marketing plan for your house only, that will set you apart from your competition. Not the “put a sign in the yard; on the MLS and pray” method many new agents use.

5. Do I need to Stage my home?

Today more than ever - Staging is a vital part of the home selling process. Competition is heating up and first impressions are everything.

FREE Staging Consultation: When you list with us you get a 90 minute Professional Staging Consultation – from a professional stager – not from the realtor/wanted-to-be-interior designer. That meeting will present you with your specific staging options for example: use/modify your existing furniture; augment or completely re-stage.

Let’s chat.

6. What do I need to do to prepare my home for listing?

Let us help. Give us 20 minutes in your home, and you will know exactly what is needed and more importantly, what is not required.

FREE Home Pre-Inspection: When you list with us! From a professional Home Inspector. Invaluable report to determine next steps, if any.

We recently wrote a blog about the 5 renovations that bring in the highest return on investment, click here to see what you can do to increase your home’s value. Click here.

7. Should I be present when buyers view my house?

No. The Buyer’s and Buyer’s agent want to speak candidly about the home & won’t do it with you present.

8. Is there an ideal time to sell my house during the year?

Yes! Properties do sell year-round but there are definitely better months than others. Depending on when you decide to sell could directly affect the amount of time on market and the final sale price of your home. See chart.

Generally speaking & based on recent history, early Spring is best. Volume picks up April-June, peaking in July. Latter summer is tough – buyers get picky and last minute buyer vacations before school starts plays a factor.

A second bump occurs September-October.

9. What must I disclose to Buyers?

In general, you have the obligation to disclose anything that may be a potential problem or affect the value of the home.

It’s illegal conceal any major issues going on in the house such as plumbing, electrical, water damage, rodents, etc. Things like HOA fees and rules, neighborhood meetings, and zoning requirements should also be noted.

Let us help. We walk you through the form and answer all your questions.

10. Should I trust my homes value on Zillow and/or other websites?

NO! Zillow was off $400k on its own CEO’s home value. But people like to look it up on Zillow because it’s always the highest value – and who doesn’t like seeing their homes inflated value.

Technology is great but it is truly better to talk to a human (experienced realtor). Why? Because these algorithms are based on zip codes, not actual neighborhoods or blocks and most importantly have no clue as to any improvements you have done to the home. They use your homes age, # of bedrooms, bathrooms & square feet and run a comparison. If there isn’t any nearby homes that have sold lately, the algorithm arbitrarily looks at nearby neighborhoods or solds, good or bad.

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